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What is a Grant of Probate?

A Grant of Probate is often required to enable you to deal with the assets of a deceased person. If you need any help on obtaining one or general assistance in relation to an estate, please speak to our Private…

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How do I pay for the deceased’s bills?

Bank accounts and other assets in the sole name of the person who has died are usually "frozen" from the death until the personal representatives obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration. If the person who has died…

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How do I pay for the funeral?

You, or other family members, may be willing to pay the funeral expenses, on the basis that you will claim repayment from the estate later. However, there are other ways of paying for the funeral: Look through the papers of…

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Do I have a right to see the will?

Only the executors appointed in a will are entitled to see the will before probate is granted. If you are not an executor, the solicitors of the person who has died or the person's bank, if it has the will,…

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What do I need to take to the register office?

Whoever registers the death should take to the register office: the medical certificate from the doctor; the persons full name at date of death; any names previously used, eg, maiden name; the person’s date and place of birth; their occupation;…

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