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    What is Succession Planning?

    Succession planning is often an overlooked aspect of running a business. The term refers to the strategy used to pass on leadership roles if an important person decides to retire or is unable to work or carry out their usual…

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    Do I Need Domain Name Protection?

    Domain protection can seem like a complicated proposal, and the technical side of it can be to those not familiar with the specifics. However, the implications of not maintaining this protection can have hugely negative impacts on a business and…

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    Indirectly discriminate LTIP rules?

    by Michael Nadin - Employment law specialist Background Mr Fasano was employed by Reckitt Benckiser Health Ltd (RB Health). He was eligible to participate in a long term incentive plan (LTIP).  The case related to an award of shares under…

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    family mediation for parents who are separating

    What is Family Mediation?

    Family mediation is a legal process that helps couples that are separating or divorcing to resolve practical issues such as child arrangements (where children will live and spend their time), shared finances such as mortgages, savings and pensions, as well…

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    legal rights when facing redundancy

    Your Legal Rights When Facing Redundancy

    Redundancy can be a painful experience and it is important for employees to know their rights and eligibilities should it happen to them. Here’s a brief overview of some frequently asked questions when it comes to redundancy and employment law.…

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