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    Business Dispute Resolution

    The DFA Law business litigation team deals with all types of business disputes and claims. Our business dispute resolution lawyers and solicitors have many years of experience and are on hand to give you the advice and support you need.

    Our Northampton based team can help with:

    Every case and legal dispute is treated with our usual professionalism and dedication, delicately balancing between the likely outcome of the business disputes, the objectives of our client and the legal costs of achieving those objectives.

    Advice is always given on alternative ways of resolving disputes – advice from us at an early stage may prevent a potential problem presenting later on in a more acute and costly form.  If the issue cannot be resolved in the first instance, then our knowledgeable team can take the matter to a hearing.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Business Dispute Resolution

    What is commercial dispute resolution?

    The practice of resolving commercial disputes through a litigation process. This kind of business dispute could include issues such as breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder disputes, employment issues, or contract disputes. A litigation lawyer would be assigned to cases of this nature and would participate in any court proceedings.

    What is a business recovery plan?

    A business recovery plan is a set of instructions for when a business enters a state which it will need to recover from to continue operation. This could include administration, receivership, insolvency, director disqualification and many more. Our expert business dispute lawyers can help a business to formulate contingencies for a variety of business recovery situations and litigate when disputes arise.

    What are class actions?

    These are a type of commercial dispute in which lawsuits are brought by consumer groups on behalf of customers of a business. Different types of commercial litigator will be on both sides of the dispute with one defending the business, while the other prosecutes on behalf of consumers.

    How long does it take to resolve a business dispute?

    Business disputes can take varying amounts of time to resolve depending on the case. If a case goes to trial, it can take several months or even up to over a half year. The more complex the case, the longer it will take to review all of the evidence and resolve the case.

    How can a business dispute be settled?

    Business disputes that cannot be resolved otherwise will be resolved in court. If this occurs, the lawyers representing each party will argue their cases and present evidence, and either a judge or jury will make a decision on the outcome of the case.

    What is alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?

    Parties involved in a business dispute may come to an alternative dispute resolution outside of court. This could come through a mediation, conciliation, or arbitration process, resolving the commercial dispute without the need for legal action in court.

    DFA Law offers a variety of services related to litigation for business and business dispute resolution. Get in touch with our experts Richard Forskitt or Paul Currie, to find out if we can help your business resolve any legal problems it may be facing.

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