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    family legal advice

    What is Family Law?

    PLEASE NOTE: Information in this article is correct at the time of publication, please contact DFA Law for current advice on older articles.

    Family law deals with a variety of sensitive interpersonal topics, and one that DFA Law has great experience in. Here’s our quick guide to the particulars of family law.

    Family law is considered to have three main areas: matrimonial, finance, and children law. It may also cover things like domestic violence, child abuse and neglect. Broadly, it is a law that pertains to potential disputes within or about families.

    What is a family law solicitor?

    A family law solicitor is a solicitor who primarily works on cases Involving topics such as:

    They may provide family legal advice, or represent a party engaged in a dispute.

    What do processes look like in family law?

    There are a number of ways of resolving family law disputes. For example, divorce can be resolved via divorce court, mediation, arbitration, collaborative practice or simply negotiating a settlement between the two parties, though even then this must be approved by the Court, as marriage is a form of legal contract. Similarly, things like custody arrangements can be resolved through mediation, but can reach court if parties cannot agree.

    At DFA Law, many of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, an organisation for lawyers who take a constructive approach to family law that considers the needs of the whole family. Their Code of Practice, which members must adhere to, outlines their approach to family law support is about minimising conflict where possible and acting in every party’s best interest, particularly children.

    Our family team is led by Rachel Adams, a highly regarded lawyer who is ranked as a Band 1 lawyer in the independent ranking guide, Chambers and Partners – a definitive mark of excellence across the legal industry.

    Why family law is so important

    Family law is important because it provides frameworks to help people deal with circumstances that can be very painful, providing protection for those who need it and helping to facilitate fair resolutions.

    Find out more about our family legal advice service and our other family law services.

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