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What information will my solicitor need?

The more information you can give us about your claim, the better.  We will need the following information if you have it:

  • Your name, address, date of birth and national insurance number.
  • The location of the accident.
  • The name and address of the person or organisation who you think is to blame for the accident.
  • If you have had a road traffic accident, the name of the other drivers insurers, their vehicle registration number, your own insurers and details of the police who attended the scene, if any.
  • Details of your employers, if you have suffered loss of earnings.
  • Details of any hospital you have attended, along with details of your GP.
  • Details of any witnesses to the accident.
  • Whether or not the accident was reported and if so, to whom.
  • Details of any similar accidents that you are aware of.
  • Photographs of the injury if possible.
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