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Will I have to do anything, now that I have instructed a solicitor?


Even if you are able to provide us with all of the information requested, there will still be times when we will need your assistance. One of the first things that we will do when we have been instructed is provide a formal notification to the other side setting out why they are to blame. We may ask you to check that we have included everything which is relevant before sending the letter. In addition, the other side may ask certain questions which we may need your help with to answer.

At some stage in the case, you will have to attend a medical appointment so that a doctor can do a report on your injuries. If possible we will arrange an appointment which is convenient for you to attend, and is as local as it can be. When the report is available you will be asked to read it and confirm that you are happy for it to be disclosed to the other party.

Should court proceedings be issued, we will ask you to sign certain documents for the claim to proceed and we will also need to take a detailed statement to send to the other side.

When it comes to settling the claim we will need to discuss the settlement figure with you.

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