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Equine Law Blog: October 2015

PLEASE NOTE: Information in this article is correct at the time of publication, please contact DFA Law for current advice on older articles.

As the 8th October is National Poetry Day this months’ blog is an equine celebration through poems and quotations about horses and equestrian life. Some of the poems and quotes are well known others not so and a few will make you laugh out loud.

 Poetry Day Horse

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,

Friendship without envy,

Or beauty without vanity?

Here, where grace is served with muscle

And strength by gentleness confined

He serves without servility; he has fought without enemy.

There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.

There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient. Ronald Duncan


Somewhere in time’s own space

There must be some sweet pastured place

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow

Some paradise where horses go,

For by the love that guides my pen

I know great horses live again. Stanley Harrison


Again the early morning sun was generous with its warmth.

All the sounds dear to a horseman were around me- the snort of the horses as they cleared their throats, the gentle swish of their tails, the tinkle of irons as we flung the saddles over their backs- little sounds of no importance, but they stay in the unconscious library of memory. Wynford Vaughan Thomas


In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have. Eleven hundred pounds of raw muscle, power, grace and sweat between your legs- it’s something you just can’t get from a hamster. Unknown


Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. WC Fields


Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground. Unknown


Horses are uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends. Ian Fleming


Small children are convinced that ponies deserve to see the inside of the house. Maya Patel


The daughter who won’t lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out a stable. Samantha Armstrong

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