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What happens if I don’t comply with a court order?

Contempt of Court and Injunctions

An injunction is an order of the court that:

  • Requires a party to do something (known as a mandatory injunction).
  • Requires a party to stop doing something (known as a prohibitory injunction).

What is contempt of court?

An individual will be in contempt of court if they interfere with the administration of justice. Deliberately breaching a court order may be in contempt of court. Sanctions for contempt of court include:

  • Imprisonment.
  • Fines.
  • Seizure of assets.

Establishing that someone is in contempt of court

To establish that someone is in contempt of court, it is necessary to prove that he:

  • Knew of the terms of the court order.
  • Acted (or failed to act) in a manner that involved a breach of the court order.
  • Knew of the facts which made his conduct a breach of the court order.

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