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    Advice for landlords

    In recent months DFA Law has helped many landlords and agents when tenants have fallen into rent arrears.  One of the firm’s landlord and tenant experts, Richard Forskitt can advise on the correct process and the best action to take should problems arise.

    It is however a much quicker and more cost effective process if a potential landlord has sought advice on the steps to take before the tenant even moves into the property.

    Said Richard, “We always advise potential landlords who are not using a letting agent to prepare thoroughly and ensure the correct paperwork is in place.  Frequently landlords use inadequate or out dated tenancy agreements. Going through the documentation and procedures can reap rewards later.  It’s not always possible to know a tenant before they move into a property, but if properly prepared a landlord stands a much greater chance of resolving problems before they escalate or happen at all.”

    The firm provides practical advice on:

    • Checking references for potential tenants
    • Visiting tenants in their existing property
    • Preparing inventories before tenants move in
    • Checking that the tenancy agreement adequately covers your requirements – it’s worth updating this as it can be re-used
    • Correct procedures for handling deposits in the alternative approved schemes
    • Procedures for checking the property on an ongoing basis during the tenancy
    • Serving notices prior to or during the tenancy.

    DFA Law advises both landlords and tenants.

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