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“I just wanted to say thank you, you’ve been brilliant and I shall highly recommend you”.

Charlotte – June 2022

DFA Law - Kelly Willmott

Thank you for all your help, you were such a support in a very difficult time”

Feedback for Head of Family Law, Rachel Adams

May 2022

DFA Law - Rachel Adams

“First, I wanted to thank you for agreeing to represent my sister. We were both very impressed with your attention to detail and your grasp of the issues and process when we spoke. I know my sister is very relieved to have someone she trusts helping her, and I am as well”

Feedback for family law solicitor, Emma Kirkland


Emma Kirkland

“Thank you so much for all your advice and support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone that finds themselves needing legal help”

Feedback for Family Law solicitor, Kelly Willmott

January 2022

Paula – Thank you for all your help in this matter.  You have been absolutely fantastic in your dealings and I am glad it has all ended quickly and with a positive outcome.

Thank you again you have made a real difference.”

DS – December 2021

DFA Law - Paula Futer

“Thank you and your team so much for supporting me through what has been a very difficult time in my life.

You not only provided me with  legal support but you also listened when I was at my lowest point. Your words of encouragement and hope helped immensely.  Thank you.

I can now move on to new beginnings of my life and put this all behind me. Bright light ahead of me but I would not have achieved this without someone like you. Thank you and God bless.”

ES – December 2021

DFA Law - Rachel Adams

“Just want to say a huge thank you for all your work and support you have given throughout the years!

As you know, I was extremely nervous all those years ago when I first came to your office but your professionalism and expert knowledge through some grueling moments.

You have always been on hand with advice and support no matter how busy you got and it was so evident you genuinely had my best interest at heart at all times. You helped me keep my costs down wherever possible.

The end result, I got out of a messy divorce and finally sold the house and I am now finally settled in my new home with my children and you played such a huge part in this!

I thank you deeply and cannot express just how good you are at your job! I’ve never had one moment of uncertainty or criticism about any part of your work but rather endless praise and admiration!”

A glowing testimonial for Family Law solicitor, Kelly Willmott – Oct 2021


“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help and assistance throughout the process of my divorce.

I will certainly recommend you should  any of my friends end up in the same position as myself ( which I do hope will never happen as I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy)”.

Feedback for Head of Family, Rachel Adams

DFA Law - Rachel Adams

Feedback for Head of Family, Rachel Adams

“I wanted to thank you so kindly for all of your support you’ve given me throughout this and your calm responses to my ‘highly strung moments’ have been so gratefully received”

April 2021


Kelly was great! Helpful, knowledgeable and quick

Mrs Y – December 2020

“I couldn’t be happier with the help and support I received from Kelly during my divorce. She was always happy to help and nothing was too much trouble”

Feedback for family law expert, Kelly Willmott

I can’t quite believe it’s all over!  Indeed, despite even Covid, there’s a huge sense of relief and it’s wonderful to be in control of my own money etc.

Thank you SO much for your patience and for everything you have done to ensure I reached this point.  You have been incredibly kind and efficient, and helped me answer even the silliest of simple questions!

My very best wishes to you – here’s to a glorious summer!

Feedback for Head of Family – Rachel Adams

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