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“I would not hesitate to recommend DFA Law. We experienced excellent communication and customer service throughout the process and Richard was a pleasure to deal with”

JB – February 2022

DFA Law - Richard Forskitt

“Very pleased with the service we received from DFA Law, thank you”

February 2022

DFA Law - Richard Forskitt

“The best service anyone could ever ask for. Richard Forskitt is an absolute credit to DFA Law and I would highly recommend the use of his services”

LD – January 2022

DFA Law - Richard Forskitt

I would like to thank Solicitor Advocate Ms Raman Thandi for her excellent work, professionalism and efficiency in handling my case.

Raman expeditiously gained an in-depth understanding of all the details in my case, which was initiated against me on a basis of a malicious complaint containing false information.

She acutely scrutinised all the documents and helped me prepare for the hearing writing a comprehensive mitigation statement. She was very convincing during the hearing speaking on my behalf fully reflecting my position. She identified the procedural irregularities of the professional body and revealed the flaws in the case against me. She represented me to the highest professional standard, and she proved I made a great choice trusting her with my case. I am very happy with her representation, and I highly recommend her as a legal expert.

Raman was instrumental in proving that all allegations against me were untrue and consequently all allegations have been dismissed. Raman’s help was absolutely invaluable, I would not have been able to achieve such a fantastic result without her.

DFA Law - Raman Thandi

Richard was very prompt in replying to us and we always knew the progress of activity”

DFA Law - Richard Forskitt

“Thank you for a positive experience. I followed your advice and had a successful outcome”

“Excellent advice, excellent attention to detail. Excellent response back to me when required. Thank you, Raman!


DFA Law - Raman Thandi

Richard was very informative and helpful. Really couldn’t complain about any part of his service”

AD – June 2021

DFA Law - Richard Forskitt

Feedback for Associate solicitor Richard Forskitt

“Excellent all round service, massive help to us, very knowledgeable and ethical”

AS – June 2021

“From the outset and first instructing DFA Law to handle my case, it was dealt with efficiently, professional and ultimately effectively. I received excellent and thorough advice throughout. DFA Law – and Richard Forskitt in particular – carry my highest recommendation”

Mr P V 30 November 2020

Ms. Thandi handled my case (possession of a rental property) very competently. She was always very approachable, both personal contact and by email”

Mr G G

“Excellent advice and support at a very difficult time of bereavement. Transparent, fair pricing also. Thank you”

J Cartlidge – May 2020

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