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Diversity Survey 2019


Firms regulated by the SRA are required to collect report and publish workforce diversity data annually. DFA Law LLP carried out a survey in June 2019.

Our survey response rate was just under 75%. As a result we believe the results do not reliably represent our staff as a whole. Furthermore, the data we are able to publish is limited to ensure compliance with the ICO’s code of practice and data protection principles. The results that we are able to publish are as follows:

The percentage of our workforce who completed the survey:

Partners/members      40%
Solicitors                      88%
Other legal staff          66%
Legal Secretaries         82%
Support staff                40%

13% of staff completed the survey by ‘ticking’ the preferred not to say response

Age range of our staff


16-24                           7%

25-34                           16%
35-44                           27%
45-54                           23%
55-64                           27%

Gender of our staff

Female                        72%
Male                            28%

Gender in relation to those in professional/managerial roles

Female                        4
Male                            7


83% of our staff are White British
7% of our staff are Mixed/Multiple ethnic group
3% of our staff are White (other white background)


90% of our staff attended a state school
7% of our staff attended a UK independent school
3% of our staff attended school outside the UK

Caring responsibilities

20% of our staff have primary carer responsibilities for a child under 18

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