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What sort of orders can the divorce court make?

Maintenance orders

These require that one spouse should make maintenance, or periodic payments (usually from the husband to the wife). Payments are normally ordered on a weekly or monthly basis. They can be limited to a set period.

Lump sum orders

These require that one spouse to make a payment of a sum of money to the other. This sum can be of any amount, depending upon the assets of the parties in any particular case. A lump sum can be ordered in addition to maintenance payments, or it can be in final settlement of the financial obligations of the payer.

Transfers of property

Under this order a husband or wife is required to transfer any property which belongs to them to the other. This order is often made when the property to be transferred is the spouse’s interest in the former matrimonial home. These orders can be made in relation to all forms of property, not just houses.

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