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Thames Bridge Trek

DFA Law charity walkers……………..doing it again

On Saturday 8th September 9 members of DFA Staff (and a few friends) will be joining some 2,500 other ‘trekkers’ to walk the 16 bridges that cross the Thames in London, covering a distance of 25 km as they take part in the ‘Thames Bridge Trek’.

CRPS is poorly understood and a cause has not yet been found although there are some promising areas of research. CRPS is usually triggered by an injury or surgery but can occur spontaneously. CRPS is characterised by severe pain, swelling, temperature and colour changes and motor dysfunction. CRPS pain continues long after the original injury has healed.

It is generally agreed that the body produces a faulty response to an injury where normal inflammatory responses such as pain, swelling and temperature changes do not stop once the damage is repaired. This leads to a ‘feedback loop’ within the nervous system making the body more and more sensitive to pain. It is not known why some people get CRPS and others do not.

CRPS is difficult to treat but pain medications and physiotherapy are used to limit the effects of CRPS, often in conjunction with other therapies and treatments. More research is needed to develop better medications and treatments for CRPS.

If you are interested in supporting the event there is a sponsorship page at Virgin Money
or you can contact Philip Humphrys, on

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