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Claims for Injury in Packed Bus Accident Rejected

When two football supporters travelling in a bus packed with fans made personal injury claims after the vehicle was involved in a collision, the result was a bill for them of more than £12,000. The two men claimed that they had been injured when the accident happened, one alleging that he had suffered a neck… Read more »

Exaggerated Injury Claim Proves Expensive

When an insurance company obtained evidence that a claimant had fraudulently misrepresented the extent of his injuries when making a personal injury claim, it took the case all the way to the Supreme Court in order to obtain a repayment.  The man claimed that he had suffered a serious back injury in an accident at… Read more »

Blind Athlete Wins £2 Million After Fall From Friends’ Window

A blind athlete who suffered catastrophic injuries when he fell out of a window whilst staying with friends during the Henley Regatta has won the right to £2 million in compensation to pay for the lifetime of care and support he will need. The athlete, who had won Commonwealth Games medals as a rower, was… Read more »

Golfer Not Negligent When Unaware of Potential Danger

Golfers will be pleased to note a recent decision of the Outer House of the Scottish Court of Session in a case in which a 70-year-old ball spotter at a golf club tournament sued a golfer whose ball hit him in the face. The player was playing the sixth hole, but had hit his tee… Read more »

Horse Rider Receives £12,000 After Road Accident

A horse rider who was hit by a car whilst out hacking has received compensation for her injuries in an out-of-court settlement. Sarah Nash was riding her horse, Scooby, along a road near the yard where he was stabled when the accident happened. A car approached, travelling at speed, and drove too close to the… Read more »

Janitor Wins £30,000 in School Fall Claim

A school janitor from Inverclyde who lost his job after he suffered leg and back injuries when he slipped on a frozen surface at work has been awarded £30,000 in damages. Stephen McKeown, 61, was covering for a colleague at another school when the accident happened. When he arrived at the school in the morning,… Read more »

Ignoring Duty to Neighbours Costs Homeowner

Homeowners have a responsibility to ensure that they do not damage their neighbours’ properties and this includes a legal duty to keep their garden trees and shrubs under control. When a North London woman ignored her responsibilities in this regard, the result was an order by the court to pay more than £17,000 in damages… Read more »

Data Protection and Old Computers

A recent case serves as a reminder to organisations that handle personal data of the importance of following appropriate procedures when the need arises to destroy information held on computers that are no longer required. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, a data controller is required to ensure that ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ are… Read more »

Lack of Evidence Limits Claim

When a GP referred a female patient to the local hospital for an urgent investigation, it should have led to her prompt diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer. However, the referral letter was lost and, furthermore, the GP had failed to tell the patient that the referral was urgent. As a result, the operation she… Read more »

Tax Saving Advice Compulsory

A firm of accountants which failed to point out tax saving opportunities to a client when he sold his company was found to be negligent by the High Court recently. The accountants had failed to bring to the attention of the client the tax saving opportunities available to him because of his not being domiciled… Read more »