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Skulduggery in Divorce Proceedings Will Do You No Good

Resorting to skulduggery in divorce proceedings is sadly common but almost never does either side any good. That was certainly so in one case in which a man surreptitiously took documents from his ex-wife’s home and sought – unsuccessfully – to rely on them in court.  During their five-year marriage, the couple had lived largely… Read more »

Court Enforces Pre-Nuptial Agreement

When the marriage of a wealthy couple broke up, the English court had the opportunity to consider the impact of two pre-nuptial agreements the couple had made before they wed. The couple, both Swedes, married in 2000 and had had two children by the time they separated in 2015. They have lived in the UK… Read more »

Delay Denies Financial Support for Divorcee

It is not uncommon for affection and trust to survive the end of a marriage – but legal advice is still almost always required to ensure a fair outcome. In one striking case, a woman who waited until almost 20 years had passed since her divorce before seeking financial support from her ex-husband ended up… Read more »

Single Donor Father Has Right to Ask for Child Access

The law often struggles to keep pace with technological developments, and artificial insemination (AI) cases are an illustration of the sorts of issues that arise. A recent case involved child custody arrangements when AI had been used to conceive a child. The surrogate father sought an order regarding the child, which was opposed on the… Read more »

Put Your Affairs In Order Today – Or Your Loved Ones May Suffer!

In a case which proved the wisdom of putting your affairs in order before it is too late, a High Court judge’s intervention was required to ensure that the £500,000 proceeds of a deceased father’s life insurance policy went to his three children. When divorcing the children’s mother, the father had undertaken to execute a… Read more »

Recalcitrant Ex-Husband Discovers Why Court Orders Must Be Obeyed

It is inevitable that those in receipt of court orders often consider them to be unjust – but that is never an excuse for failing to obey them. The High Court made that point in imposing a suspended prison sentence on a recalcitrant divorcee who took it upon himself to reduce his child maintenance payments. … Read more »

Planning Permission Refusal Cannot Reopen Divorce Settlement

Arbitration and mediation are often promoted as being quicker, less costly methods to resolve disputes than litigation, but they should be used with care, as a recent case shows. It involved a couple who divorced. Both had children by earlier marriages and they agreed when they split up to settle the financial arrangements between them… Read more »

‘Cyanide’ Is Not an Acceptable Name for a Baby Girl, Court Rules

Naming a child is usually viewed as every new parent’s prerogative. However, in a unique decision, the Court of Appeal has intervened to prevent a troubled mother naming her twin son and daughter ‘Preacher’ and ‘Cyanide’. The mother insisted that she alone had the right to choose her children’s names. She considered Cyanide to be… Read more »