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Credit Due for Mortgage Payments in Bankrupt House Sale

When a person is made bankrupt, their trustee in bankruptcy will seek to unlock any available assets they have to pay off creditors. One of the main assets people hold is their house, which is often co-owned with a spouse or partner. It is common for the trustee in bankruptcy to seek to force a… Read more »

Bullying Neighbours Must Pay the Cost

Disputes between neighbours are sadly common and can ruin lives – although a little legal advice at an early stage can often swiftly resolve matters. In one striking case, an elderly man who harassed, hectored and abused adjoining landowners was left facing compensation and legal bills totalling more than £500,000. The pensioner had purported to… Read more »

Neighbours’ Row Over Garden Shed Costs £140,000

Disagreements between neighbours can usually be resolved with a little legal advice and goodwill on both sides. However, in one case where that sadly did not happen, a homeowner was left facing a six-figure legal costs bill after an abortive attempt to make an elderly couple move their garden shed and raised flower bed. The… Read more »

Homeowner Overturns Gypsy Encampment Planning Permission

It is sometimes said that objectors’ opinions are not given enough weight in planning decisions. However, in one case, a determined homeowner obtained specialist legal advice and succeeded in overturning planning permission for a gypsy encampment that spoilt his views. Gypsy families had been living on land overlooked from the man’s home for several years… Read more »

Boundary Disputes – Don’t Let Them Escalate

Boundary disputes are well known for their ability to create acrimony and long-running legal proceedings, the cost of which is often disproportionate compared with the value of the land in question. In one case in which compromise sadly proved elusive, an apparently minor falling out over a right of way had to be resolved at… Read more »

Actor in Cosmetic Treatment Tax Appeal Refused Anonymity

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are obliged to keep individuals’ tax affairs secret – but confidentiality generally does not survive an appeal. Exactly that happened in one case in which  well-known actor Martin Clunes sought to set off the cost of cosmetic treatment against his Income Tax was refused an anonymity order. The actor argued… Read more »

Carrying Out Building Works? Consult Your Neighbours First!

Disputes between neighbours can be agonising, both emotionally and financially, but taking advice at an early stage can swiftly draw the sting. In one case where matters were allowed to get out of hand, a pensioner was left at risk of losing his home after being ordered to pay in the region of £140,000 in… Read more »

Video Evidence Allowable, Rules Court

A woman who injured her back whilst working at a hospital in Tunbridge Wells has failed in her attempt to prevent covert video surveillance evidence being used by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in defence of her claim for loss of earnings resulting from her injury. The woman worked as a cardiac physiologist at… Read more »