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Court Upholds Restrictions on Holiday Homes

The old adage that ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ is only partially true and the impact of planning law on a property owner’s rights can be far-reaching – even extending to limiting the right of occupation. This is particularly an issue in areas of the country where there are many holiday homes, as there… Read more »

Depressed Supermarket Worker Wins Disability Discrimination Payout

Disability is a broad legal concept and encompasses not just physical incapacity but also mental ill health and all of its consequences. In one case, a supermarket worker whose short temper was a symptom of his depressive illness won more than £6,000 in compensation for disability discrimination (Wills v Marks & Spencer plc). Mr Wills… Read more »

Skulduggery in Divorce Proceedings Will Do You No Good

Resorting to skulduggery in divorce proceedings is sadly common but almost never does either side any good. That was certainly so in one case in which a man surreptitiously took documents from his ex-wife’s home and sought – unsuccessfully – to rely on them in court.  During their five-year marriage, the couple had lived largely… Read more »

Office Worker’s Mild Visual Impairment ‘Not A Disability’

The definition of ‘disability’ has been the subject of much legal debate ever since the Equality Act 2010 came into force. However, an Employment Tribunal (ET) has shed some much-needed light on the issue in a case concerning a visually impaired office worker. The woman had worn spectacles since childhood and her eyesight had deteriorated… Read more »

Credit Due for Mortgage Payments in Bankrupt House Sale

When a person is made bankrupt, their trustee in bankruptcy will seek to unlock any available assets they have to pay off creditors. One of the main assets people hold is their house, which is often co-owned with a spouse or partner. It is common for the trustee in bankruptcy to seek to force a… Read more »

Court Unwilling to Force Family Home Sale

Taking legal advice when borrowing for any purpose is important, as a recent case in which a wife faced the possibility of the sale of her home when her husband was made bankrupt shows. When he faced financial difficulties in 2005, the husband raised a mortgage against the family home in order to provide finance… Read more »

Bullying Neighbours Must Pay the Cost

Disputes between neighbours are sadly common and can ruin lives – although a little legal advice at an early stage can often swiftly resolve matters. In one striking case, an elderly man who harassed, hectored and abused adjoining landowners was left facing compensation and legal bills totalling more than £500,000. The pensioner had purported to… Read more »

Probate Fees Reprieve

The snap general election means that the Government acknowledges that it is unlikely that the large increases in probate fees due to come in in May will now take place, as there is insufficient Parliamentary time for the legislation to pass. It is not clear whether the fees (which have attracted withering criticism as a… Read more »

Neighbours’ Row Over Garden Shed Costs £140,000

Disagreements between neighbours can usually be resolved with a little legal advice and goodwill on both sides. However, in one case where that sadly did not happen, a homeowner was left facing a six-figure legal costs bill after an abortive attempt to make an elderly couple move their garden shed and raised flower bed. The… Read more »