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Insurance Company Need Not Disclose Cover

Winning a legal case is one thing. Getting paid is quite another, so it makes good sense to do your homework on a defendant to make sure that they are ‘good for the money’ before you undertake litigation. Much information is available. Credit ratings can be ascertained, and company accounts can be obtained from Companies… Read more »

Giant Solar Park Receives High Court Blessing

In a case which underlined the priority being given by planners to renewable energy sources, proposals for a solar energy park – comprising almost 54,000 photovoltaic panels on agricultural moorland – have been approved by the High Court despite objections from a neighbouring landowner. The objector argued that planning permission granted for the project was… Read more »

Aircraft Safety Concerns Scotch Wind Turbines Scheme

Wind turbines marching across the countryside are not to everyone’s taste and are a constant source of controversy. However, it was concerns about aircraft safety, not the visual impact on the landscape, which resulted in planning permission being refused for two 100 metre high turbines in rural Norfolk. The local authority had refused consent for… Read more »

High Court Blocks 22 Hectare Solar Energy Farm

Government policy is firmly in favour of encouraging renewable energy sources, but that did not avail the would-be developers of a solar energy plant which was planned to cover more than 22 hectares of countryside. In striking down planning permission for the scheme, the High Court identified numerous failings by local planners. The owner of… Read more »

Nationally Important Waste Facility Gets Green Light

Plans for a state-of-the-art energy-from-waste plant and recycling facility – which are considered to be of ‘national significance’ – have received the green light after the Court of Appeal rejected a challenge to the scheme. The plant was projected to have capacity to handle 585,000 tonnes of residual waste every year. Development consent was granted… Read more »

Waste Plant Project Cost Over-Run – Who Carries the Can?

Two companies, each of which claims the other should bear the heavy burden of a cost over-run during construction of a waste-to-energy plant, had to resort to the High Court to make sense of their respective contractual obligations. Company A had employed company B to design the plant’s engineering elements. The former said that it… Read more »

Wind Farms Attracting Central Government Concern

In a clear indication that the visual and other impacts of the ever-increasing number of wind farms have become a matter of Central Government concern, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government overruled one of his own planning inspectors in scotching plans for a six-turbine development in East Yorkshire. Local planners refused consent… Read more »

Land with solar panels will not be eligible for BPS

Land parcels with solar panels on them will not be eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS). This includes the land between, underneath and around the panels, even if it is being grazed, or is accessible for grazing. This also means that farmers cannot count this land, or any features on it (such as buffer… Read more »

Camborne signs with sPower

DFA Law client Camborne Capital has formally entered a partnership with sPower and its principal shareholder, Fir Tree Partners, to acquire, develop and construct large-scale solar PV assets in the UK under the FIT, ROC and CFD regimes. sPower is a leading independent power producer headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, which owns and/or operates… Read more »

Huge Solar Energy Farm Proposals Back on Track

A company which wants to build an enormous solar energy farm on a site in Suffolk, equivalent in size to almost 65 football pitches, has had its hopes of winning planning permission for the scheme boosted by a High Court ruling. Although Lark Energy Limited had been granted consent for a much smaller facility, it… Read more »