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Employment Tribunal Fees – Supreme Court Upholds Unison’s Challenge

In July 2013, the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order introduced fees for bringing a claim to the Employment Tribunal (ET) and the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). The stated aims of the Fees Order were to transfer part of the tribunals’ running costs from taxpayers to those using the service, to deter… Read more »

School Caretaker Faces Eviction After ‘Tied Homes’ Test Case

Employees who need to live on site to carry out their duties are often provided with so-called ‘tied’ homes. In a guideline decision, the High Court considered the legal effect of such arrangements in a case concerning a former school caretaker. The man and his wife had lived in a bungalow in the grounds of… Read more »

Office Worker’s Mild Visual Impairment ‘Not A Disability’

The definition of ‘disability’ has been the subject of much legal debate ever since the Equality Act 2010 came into force. However, an Employment Tribunal (ET) has shed some much-needed light on the issue in a case concerning a visually impaired office worker. The woman had worn spectacles since childhood and her eyesight had deteriorated… Read more »

Acas Advice for Employers on Coping in High Temperatures

On the whole, we are not accustomed in the UK to long periods of hot weather, so when high temperatures do occur employers may not be prepared to deal with situations that arise as a result. The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has guidance for employers on this topic. This includes information on employers’… Read more »

Staff Pregnancies – Don’t Let Frustration Lead You into Discrimination!

Staff pregnancies can be disruptive, particularly for small businesses, but it is vital that employers do not allow their decision-making to become infected by discrimination. In one case, a hair stylist who was dismissed after she took time off, suffering from morning sickness, won the right to substantial compensation. The stylist was a trusted and… Read more »

Social Housing Company Cleared of Age Discrimination

In the context of a redundancy process in which workers competed with each other to keep their jobs, it was reasonable for the employer to expect that each of them would look after their own interests. An Employment Tribunal (ET) so ruled in clearing a social housing company of age discrimination. The case concerned two… Read more »

Were You Dismissed Or Did You Resign? Context is King

Before accepting an employee’s resignation, it is crucially important to be certain that that is their true intention. In one case, an Employment Tribunal (ET) found that a letter in which a woman asked her manager to ‘please accept one month’s notice’ was ambiguous and did not amount to a resignation. The woman, who was… Read more »

Restrictive Covenant Binding on Top Recruitment Consultant

Senior employees know the intimate details of the companies they work for and their departure to a competitor’s fold can be a disaster. However, a High Court case showed that professionally drafted contractual restrictions on what they can and cannot do after they leave can be highly effective in softening the blow. The case concerned… Read more »