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Facing Financial Difficulties? Early Advice Essential

Financial problems are very common and often mark a low in people’s lives. However, as one High Court case showed, it is no good burying your head in the sand: taking professional advice at an early stage can bring peace of mind and save you money in the long run. The case concerned a businessman… Read more »

Insurance Company Need Not Disclose Cover

Winning a legal case is one thing. Getting paid is quite another, so it makes good sense to do your homework on a defendant to make sure that they are ‘good for the money’ before you undertake litigation. Much information is available. Credit ratings can be ascertained, and company accounts can be obtained from Companies… Read more »

Commercial Court Imposes Prison Sentences on Uncooperative Directors

The Commercial Court does not take defiance of its orders lightly and has a panoply of powers to enforce obedience. In one case that proved the point, the Court ordered sequestration of an overseas company’s assets and imposed prison sentences on five members of its senior management. In the context of proceedings to enforce an… Read more »

Video Evidence Allowable, Rules Court

A woman who injured her back whilst working at a hospital in Tunbridge Wells has failed in her attempt to prevent covert video surveillance evidence being used by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in defence of her claim for loss of earnings resulting from her injury. The woman worked as a cardiac physiologist at… Read more »

Exaggerated Injury Claim Proves Expensive

When an insurance company obtained evidence that a claimant had fraudulently misrepresented the extent of his injuries when making a personal injury claim, it took the case all the way to the Supreme Court in order to obtain a repayment.  The man claimed that he had suffered a serious back injury in an accident at… Read more »

But We Agreed, Didn’t We?

Contract law abounds with disputes over whether a binding contract has been created at a point in time, and many cases have been heard in which one side to the dispute alleges that a contract has been made whilst the other claims that an ‘agreement to agree’ only exists, which is not legally binding. In… Read more »

Social Friends Don’t Always Make Good Business Partners

Personal friendship is sadly not always a good foundation for business relationships. In one case, a falling out between workplace colleagues who had been socially close for almost 20 years ended up being fought out before employment tribunals. The two men had established a successful company and were its only directors. One of them owned… Read more »

Annoyed With a Trade Debtor? Leave Enforcement to the Professionals

It is legitimate to bring some pressure to bear on trade debtors to encourage them to pay up – but one case vividly revealed why such matters really are best left to the professionals. The Court of Appeal imposed jail terms on two self-appointed debt collectors whose strong arm tactics amounted to blackmail. A landscape… Read more »

Leaving Your Bookkeeping to Others? Make Sure They’re Trustworthy!

Members of the business community are often understandably focused on day-to-day management and leave bookkeeping to others. However, one case in which an entrepreneur was ripped off for hundreds of thousands of pounds by a man who claimed to be a qualified accountant shows how careful you need to be. Having started out as a… Read more »

Cash Flow Problems? – Get Advice Before It’s Too Late!

Companies in the throes of cash flow difficulties should seek professional advice and not give in to the temptation of delaying payment of their tax bills. In one cautionary tale, a newspaper publisher was hit with a tough £70,000 penalty after putting off paying its VAT by a single day. The publisher paid a VAT… Read more »